Glass- Beadmaking Workshop with Anita Schwegler-Juen (CH)

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After learning & training time Anita Schwegler-Juen opened with her husband, Elias, 2006, the studio in Wöschhuus / Unikal bead design. In addition to the workshop will be offered in workshops where glass beads rotate, the studio offers Wöschhuus in the 1st floor in a wonderful "feel-good show." They will be enchanted by the uniqueness, the luster, the color / & Formenvielfallt. The unique pieces are all handmade by them both [and] emerge from Italian, German, American & Bohemian glass. Also offers Unikal bead jewelry and sculptural design, together with [and] much more.

The enthusiasm and passion by Anita & Elias for glass and its processing is for both every day a wonderful challenge. Constantly on the lookout for new colors, shapes, & structures, they are trying to live their passion with the vision to create unique & honest art.

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Course Content:
  • Oriental- Beads in different shapes, colors & decorations
  • Beadlining & Cabachon work
  • Oriental- Bead earrings
  • Oriental- Bead & Disc pendant

On the course, students learn the basics of the Oriental-bead manufacture. From the simple to the multi-bead, round, oval, compressed or freely formed, the "oriental" game are no boundaries in their way. We will also prepare Oriental beads to make it finger rings. Depending on the time and desire of the participants we were still at Oriental earrings and bead & disc (the disc is a "lite" version of the Oriental Bloom Bead's cars) Pendant.

Date: 15./16. June 2013
Time: Sa. 11.30h - ca. 18.30h / So. 09.00 - ca.16.00h
Place: Studio CosmicCandy, Stuttgart (GER)
Costs 2 days course: € 410.- incl. material, food & drinks
Qualifications: excelent Beadmaking-knowledge / further educated
Places: max. 12 participants
Registration: / or +49 711/411-58-43
Burner: GTT Bobcat, GTT Cricket, GTT Cheetah, Nortel Minor & Arnold Isiheat

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